Friday, February 29, 2008

Obsessed Husband

Okay, a little venting right now. I don't want to sound selfish but writing is my way of venting my frustrations. My husband does work very hard for this family. He pretty much gives me anything I want within reason of course. I am definitely not one of those women who get to order out of the expensive catalogs or has all the coordinating colors throughout my house (no offense if you are one of those women) I'm just not, money has never been that good. Saying that though we have nice things and we live comfortably.

Now back to the venting part, he has an obsession with dirt bikes. I know...a lot of guys have hobbies or obsessions right...well, sometimes I think that is all he thinks about, dreams about, talks about. I guess he loved dirt bikes when he was a kid, he thinks that if he was more free to ride when he was younger and given more opportunities when he was younger that he might have become professional (possibly). Well of course after we had been together for awhile he decided to buy a dirt bike, now remember he had not ridden in years but he wants one. Okay, did not sound like a big deal.

Well that was just the beginning to what has become my life now. One dirt bike after another, buying one, riding it, working on it, buying parts after parts, until he would sell that one and buy another to just start the whole procedure over. He needs this and he needs that, he needs gear too, I'll tell you, it all adds up, big time. He has a membership at a track that he pays for yearly too. Anyways the point being that this little hobby of his that started out small has become a pretty big expense.

Now he doesn't own a new dirt bike, like brand new, so he always kinda holds it against me I feel because he makes little comments like well mommy gets the new vehicle so daddy cant afford a payment on a new bike. Which in my opinion is a bunch of you know what because this vehicle he speaks of is a van that gets our whole family around, including him, we take it on trips, its safe and oh yeah he drives it too, but somehow its just mine when he refers to what I have and what he doesn't have.

With all this said and the aggravation of this alone, I have to hear about the dirt bike, about this part or that part or if he does this to it or that to it. If he goes riding he tells me every little detail about everything, he goes on and on and on....get the picture? On top of that, every dirt bike event that is on T.V. gets DVR'd, which is fine but he plays the same races over and over again, I say, didn't you already see this race? He says yeah but I'm trying to learn......for what? his professional racing career? (no sarcasm there)

I'll tell ya, he cant listen to me more that 5-10 minutes about any one thing. He gets bored very quickly with anything I really have to say or anything that is going on in my life. It aggravates me because I listen to him goon and on about the same stuff over and over again. Well, until I finally snap and tell him to shut up, I cant take it anymore, sometimes he just ignores me and keeps talking and I'll say it louder, SHUT UP! PLEASE! Half the time I don't even understand what the heck he is talking about because its about parts and cylinders or whatever and I know nothing nor do I want to know anything about that shit, I don't care, its his thing. Just makes me crazy when he cant even give me even half of the respect that I give him by listening to me just a little.

Whew....that feels better, hope you hung in there to listen longer than my husband
does :)

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