Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Getting the poison out

Have you ever had a person in your life that is nothing but poison to your life. Its like taking a pill that makes you sick. Well I have one of those people ... I'm not sure why I allow her to even be a part of my life so that she can cause me pain.

Its my biological mom, I have lots of stories in regards to this woman but for just this story I'm just going to express this sickness inside me that she makes me feel.

Talking to this woman is such a downer most of the time. She is so negative, usually she has nothing good to say, she treats people badly so then in turn people treat her badly. She has no respect for people around her so she in turn gets no respect. The point of this is that my brothers that continue to deal with her every now and then and her ex husband that comes in and out of her life, as long as everything is going her way with them she has no need for me. As long as they are kissing her butt, doing what she wants them to do then when I call on the phone she doesn't act like she has the time to talk on the phone, that she could care less what is going on with me or my kids.

Now when things change and they have all gotten into some fight over her ex drinking or Danny going off the wall, Danny is my brother, then the first person she calls to vent to is me...the one she wants to take all her crap and dump it on is me. It drives me insane. I don't know why I allow it. I cant figure out why I even care. Why should I care if when I call she cares to talk to me....she has always been a piece of crap of a person and mother.

I need to find a way to get her out of my life and be okay with that. She has never earned my love .. trust..or my friendship. She has been nothing but a poison to me and I need to get the poison out.

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Suzette said...

Well big sis let me tell you something.I live so much more peacefully now I feel like I don't have satan messing with me and my life anymore.I just don't want bad energy in my life and in my family's.Some people live in a fatuation that someone they love will change.That they will love you the way you need for them to,but they don't.Sweetheart you need to understand that evertime she hurts you or makes you feel less of yourself.She is hurting you and the people around you that love you.It isn't just you that hurt from this it is also your beautiful children,your husband and your bestfriend(me).We feel your pain.You are so beautiful,don't let anyone hurt your precious spirit.Especially one that doesn't care!Not being apart of her life doesn't make me a bad person does it?It doesn't mean that you are either if you won't let someone be apart of your life that doesn't care about you.Lets not live in the past lets live for today and lets get excited about our future.We have so much good in our lives and we have enough to deal with.It's time to get rid of the bad.Look deep within yourself and understand how beautiful you are and how much your true family loves you.I let her go does that make me a bad person? I LOVE YOU WITH ALL OF MY HEART REMEMBER THAT:) your lil sis