Monday, April 21, 2008

Getting away!

Oh my goodness, talk about excited! I am soo excited to tell you, I am going on a trip soon, with my sister, yep, we are going to Texas to see my Mom and my Dad. I have not seen them in a year and a half so I am missing them terribly.

I have to start by saying that I am going without children, remember I have four of them if you have read my other blogs then you know, I am with them 24/7. They are my life. Needless to say my husband knows that I need a break and he knows that I need to see my parents, so he is helping make it possible for me to go.

I am also going with my sister which is also very very exciting, we have not ever gone anywhere together so it will be extra fun to share a life experience with each other, chill and relax for a few days.

I will miss my kiddos but my husband will be taking care of them so I will not be stressed about them at all. I will enjoy every minute. They will be so glad to see me when I get back, maybe enough that they will appreciate me for at least the first few days of being back home.

Oh boy, the next month could not come soon enough for me but it will give me something to look forward too.