Friday, February 29, 2008

Frustration with Collection Agencies

So quick they are about reporting to credit bureau's. We have all had trouble at least some point in our lives. But if they are actually in the wrong, if something was put on our credit by them and it is found that it was a mistake by the initial biller. They don't care, they call, act like your lying, this is your bill and you need to pay it.

I got one of those phone calls just last week, yep, a man by the name of Scott. A real prick he was, but I guess they are trained to be that way. Sure enough though he calls my house, he asked for my husband, I let him know that he is not here but can I help, he states that he spoke with my husband back in October the following year, that my husband told him that we were filling bankruptcy. Oh lord, I just about lost it, number one, I know we don't owe anyone a debt, we are very particular about making sure our bills are paid, haven't always been this way but have for a long time. Anyway, I knew he was not speaking of my husband, he said that it was a collections for a surgery my husband had in 2005, he never had surgery....he gave a address we never lived at...he gave a phone number we never had. I informed him all this information was wrong, he said well I just called you on this phone number, I said you did not call me on the number that you just repeated to me, that is not my home phone number, he kept insisting in his rude way that I was wrong and that basically made me feel like I was lying. I gave him my phone number, I told him I was hanging up, that he could try to call me on that other number but would not reach me. He called back let me know it was some automatic calling system, blah blah blah. Anyway, I told him that this was all wrong ... made him give me the original billing info so to call and find out what was going on.

I call original biller, she knew right away my panic, afraid this was fraud, someone used my husbands credit happens. She said that she would go to the warehouse .. pull the file and call me back to let me know what happened. I of course immediately start pulling my husbands credit bureaus online, the only one I was able to view of course was expirian, sure enough this collection was on my husbands credit. I was steamed. Finally received a call from the original biller, sure enough it was just a mistake, she did not know how it happened just that it was a mistake. She was very sorry and was going to contact the collection bureau immediately to let them know. I called of course the collection agency immediately to let Mr. Scott know, of course he would not take my call, I let the girl know that took the message who I spoke to with the original biller, that they could contact her, it was a mistake but that they would need to contact the credit bureaus immediately to get this collection removed. This is their job, they have to do it, and I don't trust them, they don't really care about what it has done to our credit at all, this has been on my husbands credit for a couple years.

Now days later, I start getting copies of my husbands credit bureau reports and sure enough there it is, the collection agencies name. So I call again for Mr Scott Evans, he says, he has reported it to get removed but that it was no fault of theirs that this happened, very rudely. I simply stated, it was no fault of mine, or my husbands. Needless to say, I did not feel like he treated me right even after knowing what I have had to go through because of this. At least a yes, we sure do apologize for all of the inconvenience and we are trying to help with getting it taken care of, just a prick on the other end of the phone. I did call back and let his supervisor know of his rudeness and at least she let me vent and explained what they did and for me to call if I did not see that it was removed in a couple weeks.

Good God what does a person have to do to stay protected in this world. Seems like a fight every which way you turn. Credit bureaus and collections agencies, so quick to point blame just not very quick to take it back if they pointed in the wrong direction.

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