Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Some quick catching up!

Oh boy, it has been awhile. So, everyone is doing well, the kids are back into school, which I am thankful for obviously, still have my youngest at home till next year, then she will start Kindergarten. My babies are all growing up, my oldest baby will be 16 this year, seems crazy!

I'm trying to get focused and figure out what I am going to do when my youngest and two of the kids I have been watching for a long time go off to school next year. I have been at home now for so long it is scary, I still want to be here for my kids and continue to be the best mom I can be and that is balancing a career of sorts so that I will continue making money and still be here for them. I believe the only way for me to do that is to find a reputable company that will hire me to work for them at home so that is what I am going to focus on getting.

My husband and I are doing great, we have become best friends, we have always had a good relationship but with a lot of rocky spots. Although we still have our rocks to climb over, we are climbing over them together so much easier now. I love to hang out with him, kick back with a few beers and talk or bitch about the world or just talk about how thankful we are for the people and family we have in our lives.

Other than the obvious to find a job for me to do from home, I will be going in soon for another operation to get out the last overy that I have. With family history that tells stories of health issues I am opting to get it out now, I have been having trouble and pain with it, wants to over work itself and cause ovulating cist that wont go away so out it goes. I am not scared of course, been through to many surgeries to be scared, just want to come out and continue to be mommy to my four wonderful children and the best wife that I can be to my hubby.

Recently my mom came to visit, it was wonderful, I usually, at home by myself with only the kids during the day enjoyed having someone to talk to and hang out with, the days seem to fly by. My dad will be coming next month for a short visit but we will definatley make the best of it. I miss them so, would love to go see them at Christmas time just not for sure if financially we will be able to so we'll see.

The biggest thing of all is that my son Joseph is now living with me and going to school at the high school right down the road. This is something that we have been fighting for for a long time. Although he has always spent a lot of time here, he specifically wanted to live here and go to school here. His father, geez, I could go on and on but wont in this post, he just was unwilling to budge on this issue, had to hire attorneys and after 15 months are finally on our way to an agreement and Joseph was able to get enrolled for his sophmore year at the high school that he wanted to go to and I get to kiss and hug him every morning as he is leaving and wish his day well. Such a great feeling.

So, a little bit of a catch up on things, will write more soon and definately anxious to tell the tale of the road traveled to win the battle for my son, so for now.....

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